Behind the scenes – it’s photoshoot time!

Come and take a peep behind the scenes and check out our latest shoot for SS18 Lookbook!

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen that we had a little photoshoot with all of our lovely stock recently!!! Over two days, we took over a lovely old house in the Coleshill countryside and filled it with everything Liv’s!

Photographer on Interiors Shoot

Our manager Kate, assistant manager Gina, in-house photographer Lou, business owners Liv & MC and of course Betty the Shih-poo all went along to build, style and photograph lots of furniture and accessories for our website.

Take a look below for a little inside look at how things happened over the two days – go team!


Like most things, everything starts with a crazy idea and it snowballs from there, this photoshoot did just that! A close friend of mine was converting what had been an office into a house (right next door to where I live) One cheeky favour later and we were planning our first ever location shoot, quite literally in my back garden.

Amongst normal day to day jobs such as answering emails, serving customers etc, everyone in the shop was piling together my list of all the accessories needed, the shop looked bare! Whoops!

Meanwhile, poor MC, after delivering to customers with me as far as Shropshire, had to then help deliver 2 full vans full of furniture to the space, come back to the shop to load up more furniture and meet a supplier out of hours at the NEC, just so we had everything in time to start at 8am the following day. Phew!

As the photoshoot progressed we got into a good routine of build, dress, shoot, dismantle and load the van back up, ready for the next set (good team work!). I just LOVE feeling inspired and this space got all of us really excited and seeing everyone’s visions come to light and being a part of it was so much fun.

“Don’t bring work home with you” is certainly good advice, except on this occasion having work at home was great!


The idea behind our photoshoot was to show our customers how our furniture and accessories can be put together – and find a way to share the vision in my head on the website! It’s an easy thing for us to do in-store for our customers to see but harder to get across online.

We want our website to reflect our bricks and mortar shop, and this old coach house with its beautiful orangery, out buildings and green wild garden was the perfect place!

My favourite bit of the shoot naturally involves Betty… when she stole a cherry tomato ‘off display’ and ran off with it to the blue & white rug with MC shouting “NO BETTY, NOT THE *BLEEPING* RUG” !!


Photographing on location is always an exciting time for any photographer. Especially when the location and team is as stunning as this one. I have photographed many items for and adore using natural light in store and on location.

The sun was shining in all its glory throughout the day, who knew it did that in England? I found myself waiting for the clouds to roll by in an effort to diffuse the fiery ball of light in the sky. All whilst contorting my body into several different positions to ensure I got the perfect shot.

And lets not forget Betty!!! Betty is my favourite dog in the whole wide world and I enjoyed her presence, but what’s that famous saying about never working with children or animals? (wink wink).

All of the new photographs are now up online over at – and will be shared on our Instagram and Facebook too! We hope you like what you see – and it’s gives you a little bit of inspiration on what can be achieved in your own spaces!!!

Lots of love from the Liv’s Team x