Meet the Sherwood Range

Made from sustainable Canadian pine, our Sherwood range of furniture is perfect for any family home.

Sherwood’s Journey: Seeing the wood from the trees

Made from sustainable Canadian pine, our Sherwood range of furniture is perfect for any family home.


Pine forest in Canada

The timber starts its life in the wilds of eastern Canada, in the province of Quebec. The forests here are run sustainably; foresters are selective over which trees are felled, only certain trees are chosen in order for the forest’s growth and expansion to be as natural as possible.

Canadian pine all the way from Quebec.

For the Canadian pine, also known as Eastern White pine, these extensive forests provide the perfect conditions. Temperatures in Quebec can reach approximately -20°C in winter, this cold climate allows the pine to grow much slower than more conventional pines. The chilly nights enable the pine’s properties to change, the wood develops and it acts like a traditional hardwood. The slower and steadier rate of growth allows the grain to straighten out, increasing the wood’s stability and allowing it to stand the test of time.


Watch your fingers!

From Quebec, the Canadian pine arrives in the UK and our Sherwood collection begins its journey right in the heart of Lincolnshire. Here, at a family-run business and workshop, a skilled team of carpenters bring this timber to life. Their bespoke manufacturing service relies on traditional methods and modern tools. Drawers are finished with dovetail joints, ensuring durability and quality in the smallest of details. Each piece receives time and skill in order to create a piece of furniture which is unique for you.

Once the timber arrives at the workshop, it is assembled and built to each individual specification. Whether you desire a smooth, light finish, or a rougher texture, each piece is hand-crafted to achieve your vision. The Canadian pine’s rich, ‘honeyed’ sheen gives the most natural of finishes a desirable edge.

When the furniture is assembled each piece is waxed by hand to ensure the best possible standard. Our Sherwood range is available in a natural, smooth finish, or a deep brown wax.

Each piece is waxed and finished by hand.


The beauty of Canadian pine lies in the unique nuances in every piece of timber. The pine is still traditionally hewn using British band saws, as well as circular saws. This is a rough method of felling that results in exposing the wood’s grain, leaving unique marks and bringing the pine to life. Similarly when the timber passes through a table saw, gripper marks can be seen where the teeth leave behind indentations.

The perfect imperfections of Sherwood’s Canadian pine.

All these supposed imperfections are never sanded out and instead they are celebrated. Each sawmark, gripper mark, even each knot adds to the character of the wood. They serve as a visual reminder of the craftsmanship involved in creating such a beautiful piece of furniture.


The Sherwood collection itself is not restricted to dining tables but instead extends to anything from beds and bedside tables to chest of drawers, consoles, and coffee tables.

The Sherwood Industrial sideboard.

The entire range is completely bespoke, and designs can easily be customised. Table sizes can be altered, the height of bed heads can be reduced or increased, drawers in bedside tables can be replaced with shelves. The Sherwood range works with you, not against you, in order to help you achieve your dream home.

We even have the option of metal legs for dining tables and coffee tables in our Sherwood Industrial range. We have carefully chosen metal legs which are finished to an outdoor grade in order to prevent rust, giving you more choice without compromising on quality.

The Sherwood range in all its glory.

We all believe that good quality furniture doesn’t have to be expensive and with the bespoke nature of our Sherwood range, there really is something for everyone. The Sherwood furniture range is a durable, crafted collection which is built to grow and evolve with your family. 

Phoebe @ Liv’s