Meet the Team . . .

Based on a recent poll on the ‘gram you lovely lot want to meet the Team! So without further a-do . .

Based on a recent poll on the ‘gram you lovely lot want to meet the Team! So without further a-do . . . .

Betty the Shih Poo
The real Boss!! Betty our Shih-Poo

Liv – Director and Creative Genius

Liv and Betty

Liv is the Creative Director of the business, chief buyer and has a fabulous eye for trends. Originally from Bergen in Norway, her style influence can be seen throughout the shop. Liv designed our lovely website and provides creative guidance and strategy across all projects. Momma to Betty (our resident pooch) Liv loves all dogs, when she’s not in the office, she’s talking to everybody’s dog on the shop floor.

MC – Managing Director and Operations Mastermind

MC makings deliveries

Michael is Liv’s husband and co-founder of the business. He is the man who makes everything work from admin and payments to warehousing and security. With a background in construction, MC is the guy to turn to for big in-store builds, and his knowledge of furniture is unrivalled. You’ll have met MC if you’ve ever ordered furniture from us – he drives the van, delivers to customers homes (with a big smile) and constructs your furniture too! MC loves Paul Weller, football and thinks there is nothing worse than flat beer!

Kate – Store Manager and Styling Sensation

Kate at Paris Show finding new treasures

Kate is our Store Manager, who joined the team back in 2013 from a background in Visual Merchandising. Day to day, Kate can be found leading the team, up a ladder in the windows (her favourite place to be!) or on the shop floor merchandising like a ninja!  Championing customer service, and total team cheerleader, Kate works to keep a happy shop. When she’s not in store, or delivering furniture to customer’s homes, Kate also joins Liv and Michael on buying trips and works to bring fresh trends through to the shop floor. Kate loves cats, a chilly Sauvignon Blanc and British Country Music.

Gina – Assistant Manager and Construction Queen

Gina in her happy place

Gina is our no-nonsense, Northern powerhouse. She is originally from North Yorkshire, and after joining the team in 2014 now calls Birmingham her ‘home from home’. Gina’s background is in Theatre and Events Design, so is often the creative force behind big instore builds and installations. You’ll quite often find her up some ladders, with a selection of faux florals in one hand and a drill in the other, adding a splash of drama! If not in the shop Gina is likely to be with MC on delivery to customer’s homes and sourcing new materials for the next big exciting make-over. Gina loves making (and drinking) gin, hot yoga and travelling.

Phoebe – Super Sales Assistant

Phoebe is the newest member of the team, she joined us in January having just completed her MA in Literary Studies. Although new to the team, she’s a natural at merchandising and wonderful with words. Phoebe is an absolute bookworm and has an unrivaled collection of cactuses. Phoebe loves Italian food and is partial to a cheeky prosecco.

Amy – Content Creator and Paparazzo

Amy having short girl probs

Amy joined the team last year to ‘do the words and pictures’. Normally in the office, you’ll sometimes see Amy in a wafty skirt with a massive camera, taking pictures around the shop. With a background in marketing and photography she is rarely without a phone in her hand, always on the hunt for the next insta-opportunity! Amy loves Ibiza, her children and scented candles.

Emma – Super Sales Assistant

Emma works with us on Sundays and is a proud and full time mum to her 2yr old daughter for the rest of the week. Emma’s background in retail feeds into her love of customer service. And having just moved in to her new home, she’s faced with countless style opportunities, finds inspiration in the shop, and has developed a love for storage solutions. Emma loves holidays, bad TV and styling her new home.

Betty – Shih-Poo and Top Dog

Betty has recently turned 2! She absolutely LOVES a fuss and walks to work with Liv quite regularly.

So there we have it . . .our little team! Make sure you come and say “Hi!” to us next time you’re in store!